Letter from the publisher

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“Earth Day is the first holy day which transcends all national borders, yet preserves all geographical integrities; spans mountains and oceans and time belts, and yet brings people all over the world into one resonating accord; is devoted to the preservation of the harmony in nature and yet draws upon the triumphs of technology, the measurement of time and instantaneous communication through space.”

~Margaret Mead

Established 45 years ago by peace activist John McConnell and U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson to honor our planet, Earth Day is now observed every April 22 in 192 countries and celebrated by more than a billion people.

My best memories revolve around time spent outdoors. I find enjoyment in even simple settings, like watching my little girl, Ila, play in the yard. Just stepping outside for a breath of air brings me into the present moment and creates a softness within that relaxes the day’s demands.

Last year, my husband, daughter and I took our first camping trip together to Roman Nose State Park, in Watonga, joining up with another family with a girl Ila’s age. Everyone had a blast. I remember laughing over how much I packed, realizing how little stuff we really needed. It’s good to be reminded of what’s essential.

The adventure got me reminiscing about my own childhood outdoor experiences at Scott’s Lake—that’s what my mom and dad called it. I remember it as being a patch of wooded land in north OKC with a small lake where my family liked to camp. My dad, Gary, decided it would be a great idea to purchase a 10-person tent for the four of us. Back then, tents made of heavy canvas didn’t just pop up like light-fabric tents do now. What a hoot it was watching the guys put that monster up.

I look forward to spending more evenings around the campfire with family and friends this year, contemplating the flames, roasting marshmallows, sharing stories and soaking up outdoor goodness. For me, there’s nothing quite like the contentment and gratitude that nature stirs within my soul.

Let’s live in reverent awe of our home planet—like a child seeing the moon and stars for the first time.

To making every day Earth Day,



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