Letter from the publisher

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What if you changed your thoughts about getting “old”? Imagine if best stocks for options trading 2020 you could actually alter your DNA by adjusting your thoughts and self-talk? More and more research shows that this is a possibility.

First thing, embrace the fact that getting older is part of life! How you perceive “getting older” is what drives the car to the playground or the graveyard. A few years ago, I taught water aerobics to senior citizens at OU Health Science Center, and it was then and there that I witnessed how fun aging could be. There was a lot of joyfulness, compassion and wisdom in that pool of beautiful people.

I believe it to be totally true that how we “think,” along with how we care for our body, changes how our body and mind function. The key to making profound shifts in one’s life is a daily practice of eating healthfully, drinking stock trading options plenty of water, exercising, self-reflecting in a positive way, and engaging in spiritual study. If you find it challenging to stick with a daily regimen of self-empowerment, you might consider seeking out a health coach or mentor to help guide you through the difficult times—and soon you will be recreating yourself every day on your own.

This month’s feature article, “Ageless Being. Staying Vibrant in Mind, Body and Spirit,” by Kathleen Barnes, shares this quote, “Agelessness: Engaging in and experiencing life without fear of falling, failing or falling apart.” (See article on page xx.) What an awesome way to look at the days ahead.

Together as we enter this uncharted expedition of growing older, wiser and more beautiful, let us take a cue from the lovely and talented Sophia Loren, who aptly states: “There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives how to start trading stocks and shares of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age.”

May you find your fountain of youth and choose to age with grace,

Tina Hilbert, Publisher

Photo by Stefanie Halle


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