Letter from the publisher

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Fall is such a wonderful time of year. As many of you know by now, it is my favorite season. Oklahoma’s temperatures are cooling down, the leaves are changing, and gardens are producing colorful root vegetables and greens. This month’s Conscious Eating article, “The Zen of Slow Cooking. Savor Your Autumn Harvest in One-Pot Dishes,” on page 38, has me very excited. I just love filling the house with aromas of crockpot goodness!

Did you know winter vegetables, such as butternut squash, acorn squash and Brussels sprouts, have the ability to strengthen the immune system, manage symptoms of diabetes, boost respiratory health and so much more? The squash family, one of the largest groups of vegetables, is loaded with vitamin A; has significant amounts of vitamins C, E, B6, niacin, thiamin, pantothenic acid and folate; and is packed with anti-inflammatory minerals. If you’ve never liked cool-season vegetables before, how about considering giving them another try this year? You’ll find a few get-started recipes on page 39.

Let’s be adventurous and buy new and different items at the farmers’ market to simmer in the crockpot and get healthier together one bite at a time this autumn.

May your harvest be plentiful and flavorful,

Tina Hilbert, Publisher

Photo by Stefanie Halle


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