Letter from the publisher

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This month’s issue is dear to my heart. We’re not only focusing on New Healthy Cuisine but also tackling Animal Welfare. I was fortunate to grow up surrounded by dogs, cats, birds and fish and often brought home animals in need of nurturing care, calling on my mother’s experienced advice.

My grandfather, Herman Colston, stabled his two highly adored stallions on his ranch in Midwest City. Reed’s Twister was black with a white star on his forehead. He Is a Dude was a bay with two white socks on his hind legs. I loved visiting the ranch and by age 6 had saved up a grand total of $26.50 toward the purchase of my own ride.

My father knew a fellow named Robert W. Stone who had several horses living on his ranch. One day, my dad arranged a meeting at his restaurant, The Depot, in downtown OKC. I explained to Mr. Stone how I was saving money to buy a registered quarter horse so that I could enter horse shows like grandfather. He replied, “You know what … I just happen to have a horse for sale for $26.50. Would you like to meet her?”

Her name was Astro Glo, a beautiful sorrel with two white socks and a big white blaze on her face. Astro Glo and I went on to win several state championships. One year, we won all three of my division’s speed events: barrels, stakes and pole bending.

All kinds of animals deeply touch my heart. I am overjoyed that more awareness is being brought to their plight through such outreach efforts as those by the National Link Coalition and, locally, through the Kirkpatrick Foundation’s ANIMAL Conference, which will be held at the Skirvin-Hilton Hotel on March 30 and 31. They are just two of numerous organizations of caring people working toward a better life for all animals, and they are advocates that deserve our support.

I hope reading this issue will inspire you to reach out to a local animal shelter the next time you are looking for a pet, or spur a desire to volunteer at a zoo, shelter or rescue facility, such as WildCare Foundation, a wildlife conservation nonprofit, in Noble (see article, page 32)

Animals need us to preserve their native homes, afford them a safe environment and heal those in trouble. Will you be the person that makes a difference in saving those that cannot save themselves?

In honor of every kind act that favors the animals that bless our lives and the planet we share,







Tina Hilbert, Publisher


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