Letter from the publisher

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What does it mean to be a hero? For most of us, the word calls up images akin to Marvel Comics characters. I even admit to having two Wonder Woman action figures on my office desktop. I like comic superheroes’ stories as much as cold lemonade on a hot summer’s day.


Our June issue on Balanced Man and the anticipation of Father’s Day suggest that it’s a good time to celebrate the heroic actions so many men offer us all day in and day out—starting with the “awww” moments they spend with children in their care. Observing the inner hero in small acts of kindness by men, women and children everywhere is my gig.


Whenever a person’s in need or an animal can use a helping hand, it’s the giving of our time that makes us a hero. Attentiveness means as much to anyone as it does to us, regardless of age or circumstance. The patchwork of kindnesses we create stitch a quilt of memories that are both miraculous and life changing. Often it’s this fabric of life we most cherish and gently wrap around ourselves when our heart needs a breather.


This month let’s take a bit more time to be with one another. We can go for a walk with a friend. Have tea over shared laughter. Thank the people in our life for reminding us how valuable they are and be grateful for the men that stand guard and shine light into dark places of fear. Live on the edge—thank someone for being your hero.


Father's DayP.S. A word about getting into character from clothier extraordinaire Edna “E” Mode of The Incredibles: “No capes!”


To the hero in you,



Tina Hilbert, Publisher


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