Letter from the publisher

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What motivates you to make a change? For some people it takes hearing bad news or hitting rock bottom before they decide, “Okay, it’s time to do something different,” to get a different result.

For me, the incentive is my understanding that I’m the only one that can make me change. Even so, I can stubbornly hold onto the status quo at times. It typically translates to, “If I’m going to make a suggested/requested/recommended change, I like to think it was my idea.” It seems that no matter how well we mature, we never completely lose a tad of childish petulance. I’ve found that learning how to talk to the little girl in me does the trick. It helps that my daughter often reminds me to not take things so seriously and instead just enjoy being silly girls.

I’ve always enjoyed learning about the body, exercise and nutrition. What motivates my interest these days is a deep desire to feel good and be as healthy as I can be. The other day, I saw a pair of women riding their bikes steadily and wearily up a big hill in Edmond. As I drove by, I glimpsed their faces and realized, “Those girls are enjoying every bit of their hard work.” I was on my way to the gym to do my 30 minutes of cardio, plus sit-ups and yoga regime and call it square. I giggled as I pictured myself peddling up that hill, thinking, “Yep, I better stick to what I know.”

Consider this a shout-out on a job well done for whatever accomplishments you’ve made in taking care of yourself this year—that includes everything from eating less meat and more vegetables to starting or restarting a fitness program. Trust in yourself always, knowing that you are absolutely doing your personal best every day!

To the champion in you,



Tina Hilbert, Publisher



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