Saturday, June 24, 2017

What is being a father? It’s, at least in part, about beginning. It is rejuvenating to locate ourself near the start of a child’s life. There are so many chances to get it right. The thought that we might also get it wrong flits across our mind, but it’s gone


by Scottie Gee Hines I am Scottie Gee Hines, and I am a recovering emotional trauma hoarder. No matter the experience, I used to stockpile every emotion, fear and obstacle. I didn’t feel safe in this world to be me. After a lifetime of struggling with my sexuality and dealing with depression,


by Sheila Julson Some artists are driven by the sheer love of creation, with admiration or fanfare being secondary. Such is the case with Eldred Poisal, a painter who has quietly worked behind the scenes for most of his 50-plus-year career, telling the stories of his Native American heritage on canvas. Born