Friday, December 6, 2019

A Recipe for Holiday Health

The many health benefits of herbs and spices cannot be denied, but these tasty substances were originally thought of in terms of their cooking value. During the holiday season, the wonderful tastes of herbs and spices not only enhance our enjoyment of the holidays but also benefit our health. One recipe that highlights this is shared by Naturopathic Doctor Randy Lee, owner of The Health Patch, in Midwest City. “A friend from Puerto Rico gave me the recipe for a way to fix turkey for the holidays,” Lee says. “I call it Puerto Rican Turkey. It is spicy and the skin is hot and zesty. Finely chop several cloves of garlic. Add them to one-fourth cup of each of the following: black pepper, oregano and basil. Add to this mixture one cup of raw apple cider vinegar and let it set for 10 to 15 minutes. This will form a paste that can be rubbed all over the turkey, including the inside cavity. Then bake the turkey as you normally would. Your kitchen will smell like heaven, and your taste buds will certainly be prepared for the feast to follow.”

It is no accident that the most delicious herbs and spices are also the most beneficial. This recipe contains many nourishing ingredients. Black pepper, for example, is a digestive aid that relieves gas and helps with constipation, nausea and arthritis. Oregano contains antiviral qualities and can be used for headaches, coughs, stomach and gallbladder problems, menstrual pains and more. Another helpful herb is basil, which contains antiviral properties and can be used to help with nervousness and exhaustion. One of the most delicious and aromatic ingredients available is also one of the most healthy. Garlic, a home remedy in nearly every culture, is an antibiotic that was used effectively on wounds during World War I to prevent sepsis.

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