Friday, May 25, 2018

Abundant Love Project Workshop

Joious Melodi, owner of The Radiant Living Center, in Oklahoma City, is hosting an Abundant Love Project Workshop from 1 to 3 p.m., February 11. Participants will paint stones with positive messages and put them in public places, like the library, beach and sidewalks, for others to find.

Created by Deb Delisi, a mother who lost her daughter in 2015, the Abundant Love Project serves as a way to spread compassion. As she walked the beaches of San Diego in the throes of grief, Delisi began to pick up stones. She painted them with inspirational messages and put them back for others to find. A Facebook page was created for the participants in the project to share their stories and, within a short time, the community grew and stories of compassion began to come in from around the globe.

“With thousands of people making Abundant Love stones around the world, the healing aspect of a compassionate act is not only growing, but it is also fun and addicting in the best way possible,” explains Melodi. “To experience the benefits of active compassion firsthand, come learn to make these stones so they may be spread around Oklahoma City.”

Cost: $10-$15. Location: 6051 N. Brookline Ave., Ste. 126, OKC. For more information, call 405-740-6813, visit or visit