Friday, December 6, 2019

American Women’s Cannabis Society Supports Local Causes

Jordan Early, CEO and founder of American Women’s Cannabis Society, has brought knowledgeable, reputable and honest members of the cannabis community together to network and raise money for local causes.

The society participates in fundraising, community building and charity events, raising more than $6,000 for a young man that suffered a brainstem stroke at the Green Tie Affair event in October. In addition, American Women’s Cannabis Society partnered with CBD Complete Body Defense to host an event for Rachel Bussett and her 788 legal team to help with court costs.

“As a society, our mission is to bring likeminded people together, rather than staying in isolation as we’ve done for so long,” says Early. “Members are men, women, entrepreneurs, advocates, patients, veterans and businesses alike. We offer free membership and sponsor opportunities in the revolutionary time of the cannabis movement.” The society will be focusing on food, toys and coats during the holiday season. Interested individuals can subscribe to its monthly newsletter.

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