Be Aware, Not Afraid

Fear is something that no one wants to be controlled by yet we nurture it and allow it to live within. The longer we allow fear within our mind, the stronger it becomes. There are many kinds of fears. Instinctive fear, for example, keeps us alive while the fear of the uncontrollable creates conditions that are not beneficial in any way.

When we allow fear to be in control and grow, it blurs our objectivity and stagnates our options. It does not solve or enable us to recognize solutions. It weakens our will, ability and perseverance. It is important to face your fear and deal with it as soon as it comes to mind. This allows us to keep the fear under control.

When we rise above the occasion of disturbing thoughts about inadequacy, hatred, abandonment and restlessness, we take the control away from fear. Staying in balance helps us remain objective and able to recognize endless opportunities, understand what is truly important and let go of what we have outgrown. Acting in the moment to the best of our abilities creates momentary living, allowing us to experience a greater depth of awareness and focus on finding solutions to create greater moments.

Source: Author, Life Coach and Licensed Hypnotherapist Wilhelmina McKittrick. For more information, visit or