Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Biotech Company Founder Harnesses the Power of Curcumin

by Sheila Julson

In keeping with his lifelong mission to help people, Adam Payne says he is satisfied with his latest venture—UltraBotanica, maker of the UltraCür ultra bioavailable curcumin supplement. “When I originally discovered this technology, I saw such a dramatic change in people’s lives [that] I knew I had to move this forward,” says Payne.

It was a long road, however, to get from a hippie home in Boston to cutting-edge curcumin technology in Oklahoma. While growing up, Payne’s home had beanbag chairs instead of furniture, and the family believed in healthy eating and whole foods. Experiencing a counterculture childhood would be one of many influences that steered him toward helping others through the holistic realm.

“When I got older, I went through a series of personal transformations,” Payne reflects. “I had a spiritual awakening when I was 20, and that made me realize that it was more important to follow a spiritual calling, rather than pursuing ventures that made me lots of money or made me look important.”

A third generation Russian-American, Payne studied Russian languages during his undergraduate studies at the University of Massachusetts. After college, Payne was a bilingual teacher with the Massachusetts school system, and in 1990 he received an opportunity to teach in Russia, then known as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, Payne returned to the United States and went to graduate school to study business. A decade later, Payne and his then-wife moved to Oklahoma City so she could pursue a career as a family practice physician. Seeking a new career in a new city, Payne shared his quantitative business background with a biotech entrepreneur to start new companies.

One of the companies Payne was involved with, Haus Bioceuticals, incubated technology that used curcumin, which is derived from the turmeric root and known to soothe inflammatory conditions. While working with researchers at the University of Oklahoma that were studying liquid curcumin, Payne devised a way to bind it to a whey protein isolate, thus helping the body absorb the curcumin faster as it digests the protein. “Early studies we conducted showed incredible amounts of curcumin rapidly being absorbed into the body through that approach,” Payne recounts.

Payne wanted to expand on the curcumin technology. In 2015, he formed UltraBotanica to focus entirely on the groundbreaking curcumin technology, which is now hailed by physicians globally and known as UltraCür. “Getting to this point has been quite a journey, and it continues to open my eyes to the benefits and the power of using natural extracts as a way to improve human health,” he says.

UltraBotanica’s signature product, UltraCür, is 100 percent natural and contains no genetically modified ingredients. The whey protein isolate—or protein scaffold, as Payne also describes it—binds to the curcumin for fast absorption through the body. Health practitioners also carry a nondairy form, UltraCür Pro, which is four times stronger than the original version.

“In late 2015, a dear friend, Josh Bellieu, had experienced transformational results with UltraCür. He approached me and suggested a simple sampling program to prove the effectiveness of UltraCür to health practitioners and health food store owners here in Oklahoma City,” says Payne. They distributed hundreds of three-day trial samples of UltraCür to health professionals, who in turn distributed to close friends, customers and patients. Shortly after, orders began pouring in.

Payne notes that many mass-produced supplements contain fillers and untested ingredients, rendering them ineffective or even harmful. Therefore, he understands why some people may not be willing to embrace natural remedies if they had a bad experience with an inferior product. UltraCür is manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in Oklahoma City.

“I think that as people start to get results from a curcumin product such as ours, and they experience better health and improved function, they will embrace natural remedies more,” Payne reflects. “I would encourage people that aren’t getting the experience and benefits of curcumin from their current products to give our product a try. We have samples available at the health food stores throughout Oklahoma City where the product is sold so people can try it and see for themselves.”

For more information on UltraCür or to order, call 405-694-4175 or visit

Sheila Julson is a Milwaukee-based freelance writer and contributor to Natural Awakenings magazines throughout the country.