Friday, December 6, 2019

Cannabis: A Natural Treatment for Postpartum Depression

The stigma attached to mothers that use cannabis can be discouraging. It is important to remember that this stigma is due to a lack of education about what cannabis is and how it is used. Ignorance often creates fear and uncertainty, and many people assume that individuals that choose to use cannabis to take care of their body and mind must be neglectful or unfit parents. This is simply unfair.

The presence of social media and the constant barrage of advertisements and “news” stories can sway our opinions on certain topics, often unfairly. For example, a YouTube video that portrays an abusive parent high on drugs that goes viral may determine how we view a plant like cannabis.

Choosing a natural plant such as cannabis to treat a variety of different ailments, including postpartum depression, can be an extremely effective, non-pharmaceutical option for mothers. Unlike many prescription treatment options, there is no long list of dangerous side effects for cannabis use. It is a safe, natural way to treat many conditions.


Source: Summer Garcia, of Rose Budz Tenders. For more information, email