Thursday, December 5, 2019

Caring for Customers Like Family

by Gisele M. Siebold

Helping others on their wellness journey fills Summer Garcia’s heart with joy. As the owner of Rapha 180, she cares for her customers like she cares for her family. “Our philosophy is, ‘Your journey matters.’ It is displayed in our store and on our website, and we genuinely believe it,” she shares. “Our goal is to help people meet their needs and know that we care.”

Rapha 180 provides light therapy, a noninvasive, effective way to help boost the immune system and treat pain. Garcia is also a quality distributor for Can-Tek Labs and has wholesale products available. She listens to customers’ stories and offers advice to them about their wellness journey. She may suggest trying a particular supplement, CBD THC-free oil or product from the store, or light therapy to enhance their well-being.

Featured products for sale in the shop and for purchase online support locally owned and local, veteran-owned businesses as much as possible. Items featured include: natural health care supplements, natural body products, Can-Tek Labs medicinal cannabidiol (CBD) THC-free oil, dog leashes, beef jerky, pretzels, honey and more. “We are a small business, and we support other small businesses, especially veteran-owned or veteran-family-owned small businesses,” notes Garcia.”

Supporting veterans goes beyond stocking the store shelves. Garcia is the American Women’s Cannabis Society’s Oklahoma Ambassador for Veterans Affairs. In addition, the veteran group Grip 22 meets at Rapha 180. Garcia’s husband is a veteran, and she holds veterans and anyone that has come through life’s challenges near and dear to her heart. “My heart is with anyone who is poor, experiencing a life challenge, like post-traumatic stress disorder, or who just needs a hand.”

Garcia comes from a Native American background and grew up surrounded by family members that knew about natural healing, living well through the use of herbs, and cooking food that grew in the earth. She founded her business to support a modern-day natural lifestyle that includes healthy eating, exercise and natural healing. “Our ancestors knew what they were doing when they took care of, and lived off, the Earth,” she says. “Returning to what is considered ‘the old ways’ is actually helping us to live better.”

With helping others at the forefront of everything she does, Garcia is making a difference by letting others know their journey matters. Her welcoming demeanor naturally makes people feel comfortable. Visitors will come to the shop to browse and to see her, and they wind up sitting for a while and sharing their stories; they might make a purchase, but not every time, and that is fine with her.

“Someone who stopped by may not have purchased anything, but they left with a smile. It may be because I listened to them or made them feel comfortable, and that’s what matters. I know I have made a positive difference in someone’s life,” she enthuses.

Rapha 180 is located at 825 SW 19th St., Ste. 5, in Moore. For more information, or a schedule of group meetings and events, call 405-919-8247, email or visit