Friday, November 22, 2019

Choosing a Vet that is Right for Your Pet

When trying to choose which local veterinarian is the right one to treat our pet, there are five critical questions that we must ask. First, we should find out what the prospective vet’s plan for treating our pet as they age is. Next, we should find out what the veterinarian’s plans for our pet’s vaccinations are and whether or not they vaccinate every year.

Third, we should find out if the veterinarian uses alternative medicine or only conventional. Then, we need to discover what the vet’s thoughts on heartworm, flea and tick medicines are. Finally, we need to find out how the veterinarian approaches cancer in pets.

Once all of these questions have been answered, we should have a good idea about which doctors match up with our values.

Source: Dr. Brad Roach, natural animal care. For a free, 15-minute interview, call 405-605-6675 in Oklahoma City, or call 405-273-5617 in Shawnee.