Choosing the Right Holistic Healthcare Provider

When facing a health crisis, it can be difficult to figure out which healthcare provider to go to. It is important to select a holistic healthcare practitioner that has knowledge about nutrition, body systems, spiritual guidance, along with the credentials to meet all the criteria needed to heal the body.

Perhaps the most important quality of an effective healthcare practitioner is the ability to listen to the questions and concerns of each patient, taking the time to answer them and develop a relationship. Holistic providers that make their patients feel valued and take the time to educate and provide a plan for healing can be of great comfort during a health crisis. Individuals facing a health challenge should shop around for a practitioner that meets their standards and that they are comfortable with.

Source: Kathy Ryland, of The Herb Shop. Location: 101 SE 3rd St., Ste. 104, Moore. For more information, call 405-872-8081 or email