Thursday, December 5, 2019

Clear Your Energy by Clearing Your Life

We all have five basic types of energy: spiritual, physical, emotional, mental and financial. It’s up to each of us to keep all five of our energy fields open and clean. We do this by releasing those things we no longer need or want in our lives so that we can welcome what we truly desire.

Material things can be a blessing but when they are no longer needed or wanted, having them around can block our good energy and become a curse. To avoid this, we all need to examine our surroundings to discover where we’ve caused our energy fields to stagnate. It’s incumbent upon us to take a hard look at those things we’ve been stepping over and pushing out of our way and ask why we still have them in our lives. Clean it out. Give it away. Allow it to bless someone else’s life

Nature abhors a vacuum. As a result, when you release what no longer serves you, chances are good the universe will rush in and replace it with what does. Clear out every area of life that no longer serves you and your highest good. This includes thoughts and emotions, as well as physical items.

Source: Susan Prescott is a certified transformational coach. For more information, call 405-642-0078, email or visit