Sunday, May 26, 2019

The Difficult Task of Self-Love

Self-love is a popular buzzword, but not everyone understands how to apply it to their own lives. It is easy to encourage others to treat themselves with love and compassion, but often our own lives reflect a different narrative.

Many people come from families or cultures that teach them to love others before themselves. This is an admirable position, but it doesn’t work if we lose ourselves completely in the process of loving others. As we take on more roles in adulthood that require us to be responsible for people other than ourselves, it is important to hold onto our own identity.

It is critical to become aware of our own internal dialogue and remind ourselves to be gentle and loving in the way we speak to ourselves. Practicing the art of receiving from others and becoming mindful of how we act, speak and give love to ourselves are simple, conscious choices we can make on the path to self-love.

Source: Tammy Coin. For more information, visit The Doors of Wellness or Intriguing Insights Facebook pages.