Thursday, November 21, 2019

Disease or Injury Can Be a Sign of Too Much Stress

by Sara Alavi

I remember the day I went blind in my left eye, as well as the day I received my multiple sclerosis (MS) diagnosis in 1996—a day that shattered any hopes of getting my eyesight back. That was also the year my yoga journey began. I call it “journey” because it is how our experiences in life are realized on our yoga mats. Once we cultivate a dedication to yoga practice, we come to terms with our limited ways of understanding what happens in life. That is what I call humility and surrender. In a deep level inside of us, we begin to understand and feel a sacred correlation; a narrow yet clear pathway to the knowing of what happens to us, versus what we long to have happen.

After discovering yoga, answers to life’s quandaries flooded in, and I knew the way back to my heart. I realized that I had too many stressful thoughts about my life and myself. Through yoga, we learn to hear and trust our intuition on our mats. We learn to say “no” more easily, and we release all external approvals. I learned to slow down and simplify my life. My eyesight miraculously came back after five months, and all of my MS symptoms faded away.

Nearly 20 years after starting my yoga journey, I recently fell off a treadmill and badly injured my shoulder. My rotator cuff muscles and tendons were damaged, and I experienced high levels of pain. Once again, I realized that I had too much stress in my life and that I needed to slow down and simplify things.

Accidents and disease happen because we are burdened by stress. Yoga is truly about self-acceptance, love and forgiveness. Yoga is not about fixing yourself, because we are not problems to be solved. We are sufficient as we already are. Through the path of yoga, we can slow down and learn to breathe in such a way that relaxes our thinking and actions. We can gain our personal power back so that we can finally claim our ability to create the lives that we deserve. We can create existences filled with joy, happiness, success and prosperity, along with healthy, loving relationships. We can learn to use our pain to help others through ways that feel wonderful and close to our hearts. We can nurse ourselves back to health and joy, using the blessings that we have been given and the blessings that are on the way.

I’ve created the life of my dreams by becoming the first yoga teacher in Oklahoma City to serve our heroes, the veterans at the Oklahoma City Veterans Hospital, by offering yoga to ease anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. I’ve also become a registered yoga teacher; director of a yoga teacher training school; founder and owner of Yoga Home of Therapeutics; a reiki master; a certified clinical hypnotherapist; and a wellness advocate of doTERRA essential oils. I have learned to reduce stress levels by a road I call the Sacred Path of Yoga. I heal as I share my journey.

Sara Alavi is the owner of Yoga Home of Therapeutics, located at 5801 W. Britton Rd., Ste. K, in Oklahoma City. For more information, call 405-470-8180 or visit