Friday, November 22, 2019

Earth Rebirth Educates and Empowers the Community

Earth Rebirth is a nonprofit based in Norman with a mission to educate and empower people to take food, energy and water into their own hands. Founded in 2011, Earth Rebirth stemmed from the childhood dream of founder Andrew Sartain to help reconnect people’s daily lives to the natural world. After reflecting on the wide array of problems in the world, it became clear that no matter what an individual’s background, political beliefs or experiences may be, we all need food, water and energy to live.

Among many smaller initiatives, Earth Rebirth has three key programs: Garden Your Own Growth, Take H2Ownership and Homemade Sustainability. The most popular program, Garden Your Own Growth, sets up gardens at schools and turns them into both a supply for the cafeteria and an economic asset to the Oklahoma classroom. Earth Rebirth has worked with thousands of kids on a weekly basis during the school year and offers class credit for college students and community service to help maintain school gardens in the summer. Excess food gets used on a regular basis at shelters and food pantries.

The greatest challenge for Earth Rebirth has been keeping up with demand and finding committed individuals willing to push themselves to reach new potentials beyond common comfort zones. “We can always do more,” explains Sartain. “The hardest part about sustainability is that everybody wants to care, but we must also feed our family and pay our bills. Until these solutions can become one and the same, sustainability remains an uphill battle for common people. Earth Rebirth is dedicated to making sustainability easier; convenient; and an economic driver to how you can enjoy life, provide what you need, and act to protect the world and communities we all care about.”

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