Sunday, May 26, 2019

Emulin+ Carbohydrate Manager and Sugar Chaperone Available

Emulin+, the first patented carbohydrate manager and sugar chaperone, is available for purchase. The supplement starts reversing inflammation, the root of illness, disease, injury and wounds, as soon as it is consumed. It promotes weight loss, improves energy and the appearance of skin.

Joseph Ahrens, Ph.D., scientific adviser for Emulin+ explains: “I do not like to say that Emulin+ increases metabolism or that it is a fat burner. Those are trite statements, overused and point to an artificial impact on the body. I like to say that Emulin+ is required for the body to function normally. In other words, our bodies without Emulin+ are operating subprime, in a constant state of inflammation and below-normal metabolism. Taking Emulin+ reduces inflammation and restores metabolism to normal.

“Having said that, Emulin+ prevents sugar from being stored away in fat tissue, promotes its availability to muscle and other tissue, opens the cell doors and pushes sugar to be burned by mitochondria (the power generators in each cell), thus increasing metabolism,” adds Ahrens.

For more information or to make a purchase, call Debra Vogt at 580-747-8282 or email