Saturday, August 17, 2019

Fertile Ground Provides Residential Compost Collection

Oklahoma City recycles only 3 percent of its waste, yet 75 percent of the waste stream is recyclable. Fertile Ground Community Cooperative Compost is dedicated to improving this statistic by offering residential compost collection service. Through this service, customers can contribute their food scraps to local community gardens that use the finished compost for growing food. Drop-off locations for those that live outside of the company’s urban-core bike serve or extensive truck collection routes in Oklahoma City and Norman are available.

Fertile Ground was created in 2011 when founder Terry Craghead was involved in the formation of CommonWealth Urban Farms, composting culled produce waste from Whole Foods Market on a vacant lot in the Central Park Neighborhood. “With the experience of seeing so much waste from one grocery store, I began to wonder if it was possible to compost on a wider scale in Oklahoma City,” he explains. “Over the years, we have grown from composting for a handful of restaurants to now recycling and composting for homes, apartments, offices, cafes, restaurants, hospitals and large corporate campuses.”

For more information or to sign up for services, call 405-633-0264, email or visit