Food Allergies and Aging

Many of us begin to develop food allergies as we age, sometimes to foods that we once enjoyed. When we put food into our mouths, our bodies begin the digestive process, using enzymes to extract the nutrients and distribute them throughout the body.

As we age, the pancreas may lose its ability to produce the enzymes the body needs. This lack of enzymes causes the body to consider certain foods to be “foreign,” and it responds by producing an allergic reaction to kill, compartmentalize or expel the matter. Symptoms of this reaction include the production of mucous, coughing, sneezing, fever, tearing and more. While we may consider these reactions a nuisance, they are a valuable part of our immune system, helping to keep foreign material from harming us.

Food allergies are a very serious matter, but there are some instances in which we can add foods we loved in the past back into our diets by taking certain supplemental enzymes to help the body digest the matter. While this won’t work for all food sensitivities, it can be a welcome relief for those that develop allergies to once-cherished foods later in life.

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