Thursday, November 21, 2019

Fruits and Vegetables for Growing Bodies

Vegetables and fruits are critical components of a healthy diet, especially in children, and it is important to start them young. Root vegetables, such as yams and carrots, along with squash, peas and green beans, should be introduced first so that children develop less of a sweet tooth. Parents and caregivers should encourage young children to eat vegetables from the different groups—leafy, round, roots, vines and sea vegetables—for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Raw fruit provides more fiber and nutrients than processed juice and makes an excellent breakfast choice, as well as a good replacement for sweet desserts and snacks. Scrub the rind with a fruit and vegetable wash or other organic, clean-rinsing soap before cutting. Parents can make use of their creativity by carving melons into decorative shapes, like bowls and baskets, and letting little ones create shapes out of fruit using melon ballers and cookie cutters. This activity makes both the preparation and eating of food more fun for caregivers and children alike.

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