Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Grassroots Effort Underway to Offer Healing for Warriors

Patriot Clinics Inc. is raising funds to make hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) available to treat brain injuries in Bethany. The organization’s mission is to make effective brain injury treatment and hyperbaric medicine available to the general public, with a special focus on veterans, police, fire fighters, first responders and victims of crimes.

Although it has been used for 80 years to treat brain injuries, HBOT remains unavailable to the average person. The therapy saturates injured body tissues with oxygen, allowing the tissue to heal and regenerate. HBOT is the only non-hormonal therapy for repair and regeneration of human tissue cleared by the Food and Drug Administration.

Suicide rates among veterans have skyrocketed, and the rate in Oklahoma is twice the national average. HBOT treats depression, out-of-control emotions and migraines, and reduces suicides. It also helps improve post-concussion syndrome symptoms, such as headaches, photophobia and sleeplessness, as well as reducing post-traumatic stress disorder.

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