Friday, November 22, 2019

Green Beans Organic Daycare Currently Enrolling Children Ages 2 to 5

Green Beans Organic Daycare (GB Organic) is currently enrolling children ages 2 to 5 years old into its
health-and-learning-focused daycare. It is OKDHS licensed and regulated, and requires no registration
GB Organic takes daycare to the next level, bringing a learning-based curriculum as well as healthy food
to childcare. Its owners always strive to provide the best for a child’s mind and body, including organic,
homemade meals; a family home environment; daily outdoor play; and indoor learning areas to help keep
kids active and curious—all of which they consider to be of the utmost importance to the physical and
mental development of a child. They are committed to continuing the equivalent of parental care when the
parents are away. Safety is also considered paramount—GB Organic has secure entries and exits.
Parents interested in health-and-learning-focused daycare care might want to consider GB Organic as one
of their options.
GB Organic is located in Midwest City, at the intersection of E. Reno Ave.. and N. Air Depot
Blvd. Contact them at, or visit them on Facebook by searching
“@GBOrganicFamily” or going to