Sunday, June 16, 2019

GreenAcres Keeps Waste to a Minimum

Dedicated to environmental responsibility, GreenAcres Market, in Oklahoma City, recycles as many items as possible. The store’s cafes and delis, as well as the stockroom, have recycling bins for cardboard and glass. The store also uses empty containers to help customers carry out their catering food, heavy water and milk bottles, floral arrangements and more.

Careful not to throw good food away, GreenAcres Market sells their produce that is more than three to four days old to local chicken farmers that use it to feed their free-range chickens. In addition, the deli uses biodegradable takeout containers and eco-friendly serve ware. Committed to passing its sustainable ideas on to shoppers, the store offers incentives to customers that use reusable shopping bags.

Location: 7301 S. Pennsylvania Ave., Ste. D. For more information, call 405-681-6060 or visit