Thursday, September 19, 2019

The Healing Power of Prayer

Esoteric healing in the form of prayer has been around for millennia. Faith in God and asking for help from a being larger than us allows us to trust that our troubles can be solved even if we are not aware of the solution, providing a great deal of comfort.

Traci Pedersen, a freelance writer and researcher specializing in psychology, writes: “Researchers from Baylor University found that people who pray to a loving and protective God are less likely to experience anxiety-related disorders, such as worry, fear, self-consciousness, social anxiety and obsessive-compulsive behavior, compared to people who pray but don’t really expect to receive any comfort or protection from God.”

BodyTalk Practitioner and Founder of Sacred Space Healing Modality, in Edmond, Kathy Springman claims, “It is the process of praying until we find peace in the situation that allows prayer to work.” Springman explores what she considers the fastest and most effective prayers in her book, The God Session: Healing the Past and Embracing the Future with Scripture, Science and Energy Medicine.

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