Thursday, December 5, 2019

Help for Dogs Afraid of Thunderstorms

Ever heard someone say they can feel a storm coming in their bad knee? The same could be true of aging dogs. Damaged or aged joints tend to feel the changes in pressure due to weather systems moving in, causing discomfort and pain. A dog afraid of thunderstorms might be experiencing conditions related to joint pain. A great way to proactively boost their joint health is to utilize healthy, natural joint supplements paired with a healthy diet. Formulated with natural ingredients, such as glucosamine and MSM, combined with herbs and exclusive flower essences, Vital Planet’s Hip & Joint supports joint health and eases stiffness.

Our pets look to us for a lot of things, such as dinner, play time and grooming, to determine how to act. If pet owners are tense, agitated or anxious during a storm, chances are good their furry friends are paying close attention. They look to us to consider whether they should be alarmed or if it is okay to relax. Sometimes that anxiety is best handled with natural supplements that are geared toward calm and relaxation. Vital Planet’s Calm supplement contains chamomile, lemon balm and valerian. It helps with stressful situations, such as travel, thunderstorms, fireworks and separation.

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