Herbs for Every Stage of Pregnancy

There are many herbs that can be used at every stage of pregnancy—from conception to post-delivery—to make the pregnancy and delivery easier and ensure a healthy baby. Women that are trying to conceive should take a good prenatal vitamin with ample vitamin E, folic acid, calcium, magnesium and trace minerals. This will enhance the health of mother and child. In addition, exercise is critical to a healthy pregnancy. Make sure to keep ginger on hand to address morning sickness and magnesium for anticipated constipation.

For women that have trouble getting pregnant, consider taking red raspberry leaves, false unicorn, blessed thistle, squawvine, ginger and uva usri to help prepare the body to conceive. Expectant fathers might consider taking damiana to help increase sperm count.

As the pregnancy nears the end, expectant mothers can take supplements to condition their bodies for an easier delivery. These herbs should only be taken during the last five weeks of pregnancy and include squawvine and red raspberry leaf, together with black cohosh, butcher’s broom and dong quai.

Herbs to avoid altogether during pregnancy include cascara, sagrada and senna, along with wormwood, juniper berries and anti-parasitic Artemisia. Aromatherapy should be used very carefully and sparingly, if at all.

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