Saturday, December 14, 2019

Holiday Special at Melissa’s Gemstone Therapy

Holiday Special at Melissa’s Gemstone Therapy

Melissa’s Gemstone Therapy, in Oklahoma City, is offering a special on gift certificates for the holiday season. Customers can purchase a certificate for three therapy sessions for $75.

Owner Melissa Lenington has also added some new therapeutic-quality gemstones to help clients with the mental and emotional issues that hide and cover up the true self. The new Emotional Clearing necklace is made of rhodonite, mother of pearl and rose quartz, a unique combination that works together to release and clear grief from the body, as well as comfort and fortify the emotional balance. Lenington uses this necklace to address pain, or negative thoughts or patterns of behavior that cover the authentic self.

Another addition to Melissa’s Gemstone Therapy collection is chrysoberyl, a necklace that works to bring out the healing potential from inside the body. “The new gemstones will work with your body’s energies, emotions, mind and spirit to help you move forward on your journey to greater health,” explains Lenington.

For more information, call 405-203-8214. 


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