Saturday, December 14, 2019

Holiday Support with Gemstones and Crystals

Holiday Support with Gemstones and Crystals

The stress of the holidays can be overwhelming for many. Instead of focusing on the joy of the season, feelings of sadness and grief for family and pets that have passed away can take over the heart and mind. Crystals and gemstones have been used to help the mind, body and spirit throughout history and are still a relevant healing tool today.

Individuals feeling overwhelmed with the stress of the holidays can use crystals and gemstones to ease anxiety; encourage a relaxed, focused state; and bring awareness, energy and peace of mind to their daily lives. Calming blue stones, such as aquamarine, blue calcite and turquoise, help clear the mind and calm the body. Blue sapphire brings a deepening of thought, stills and quiets a racing mind, and brings about focus and concentration by removing distractions. Purple and clear stones, such as amethyst, clear quartz and charoite, can aid individuals in reaching a higher state of consciousness.

Fluorite helps concentration and enables the mind to maintain a meditative and centered space in the midst of physical activity, and jade brings serenity, soothes the mind and releases negative thoughts. Jasper aids in concentration and facilitates deep meditation and centering, while lapis lazuli stimulates the higher faculties of the mind, aids concentration and helps with self-examination and contemplation. Other helpful stones include moonstone and prehnite.

Stones or crystals can be held or worn during meditation in order to absorb their properties or placed as the focal point for concentration. While there is no wrong way to meditate, the practice requires an atmosphere of silence and a way to relax the body and clear the mind.

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