Holistic Doula Care for Pregnancy and Childbirth

A doula is a personal assistant for women and their partners during pregnancy and childbirth. These knowledgeable caregivers use their wisdom about birth and labor support measures to provide a childbirth experience that is on the mother’s terms. Expectant parents that hire doulas report feeling more satisfied with their birth experience.

Unlike the clean, quick and often comedic births that appear in movies and on television, real childbirth takes a long time, often spanning multiple meals and sleep cycles. Doulas help expectant parents get through this time, making sure to provide important bathroom breaks, food and naps in a comfortable, supportive environment.

Doula care helps to reduce anxiety for mothers, empowering clients, and helping them after the birth with breastfeeding and other newborn tasks. These professionals work adaptively with clients, maintaining nonjudgmental support and keeping their clients informed of their options at all times. Unlike medical providers, doulas do not perform medical tasks; they are wholly focused on getting their clients through the birth process, often helping to decrease the risk of cesarean and preterm birth.

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