Friday, December 6, 2019

Inflammation, Hemp Oil and Curcumin

By Barbara Bolduc

There is a recent theory that greatly changes our understanding of health—or the lack of it: The Inflammation Theory of Disease, as titled in a 2012 PubMed article. Research has only just begun to scratch the surface of this evolving theory.

“An increasing body of evidence shows that chronic inflammation causes and advances many common diseases. This opens new possibilities for treatment and therapy by blocking the inflammatory processes,” the article reports. “…research increasingly suggests that (inflammation) is also intimately linked with a broad range of non-infectious diseases, perhaps even all of them…the crucial role of inflammatory processes makes possible the development of a new generation of drugs to treat conditions including cancers, autoimmune disorders and infectious diseases.”

Meet Adam Payne, the founder of Ultra Botanica, an Oklahoma-based lab that makes a proprietary hemp oil (CBD) and curcumin for wholesale to medical professionals and health food stores, both products that decrease inflammation.

Hemp oil has risen to prominence for the wide range of conditions, including inflammation, that appear to be positively affected by the cannabidiol compound in the plant. According to, “Cannabidiol (CBD) is being hailed as a revolutionary medicine by some.” Payne explains one reason why. “The endocannabinoid system is an ancient signaling system in the body and if it isn’t signaling properly, the body can get stuck in chronic inflammation.”

Ultra Botanica’s curcumin-based products, available to the public, are made using a patent-pending process which allows the curcumin to be more readily digestible (bio-available)—hastening the absorption, and therefore, the effects.

Payne explains that curcumin is crystalline and therefore hard to digest—so his lab found a way to substantially increase its bio-availability by solubilizing (making soluble) the curcumin and binding it to a protein scaffold. “We correctly believed that the curcumin would be absorbed when the protein scaffold was digested. We saw amazing results.”

According to Josh Bellieu, ‘chief product evangelist’ of Ultra Botanica, “The rate of solubility of curcumin in liquid is very slow. You have to take 8-12 grams just to see the most minuscule amount in blood. The reason doctors like our product is that we discovered a way to get curcumin into the blood stream rapidly, at a very high level, which creates a transformational experience.”

Paul Rothwell, M.D., and Bryan Frank, M.D., are two local integrative physicians that utilize Ultra Botanica’s supplements and appreciate their quality. Both are board-certified with A4M (American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine) and have other specialties as well. Dr. Rothwell discloses, “The reason I’m using Ultra Botanica is that I believe it is important as a physician to promote credible products. Ultra Botanica performs third-party testing to ensure the purity.

“When it comes to the endocannabinoid system, this highway in the body is just now being recognized and studies show that endocannabinoids do great things in the brain. I want to give the best products to our patients. Ultra Botanica has proven that they can produce the highest bio-availability of curcumin we have seen in the market, and one of the purest forms of hemp oil we see. Working with them has been very helpful for our practice, and a great experience.”

Dr. Frank explains, “Curcumin is thought to be one of the most potent anti-inflammatories from botanical sourcing that we have seen, and the modulation of virtually every system in the body through the endocannabinoid system has been well-demonstrated, so bringing those together is very important.

“I attend the annual meetings of the Academy of Integrative Pain Management. For the last two years, it has become apparent that solutions such as these two could be beneficial in helping solve Oklahoma’s opioid crisis. Cannabinoids don’t enhance the effect of opioids. People can take cannabinoids while taking opioids, and the addition of cannabinoids won’t themselves cause an overdose. With pain management as one of my focuses, I do medical acupuncture as well as a variety of other therapies that help people get well. The botanicals in these products are a tremendous part of the picture.

Payne concludes, “People are spending a lot of money on hemp products, but from our perspective, they are not getting the full benefits of those products if they are not combining it with a bio-available curcumin. I saw the marriage of hemp extract with curcumin as a powerful tool to change the body’s state from chronically inflamed to healthy.”

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