Thursday, December 5, 2019

Innovative Approaches for Contemporary Addictions

Our world is filled with advanced knowledge, instant access and enlightenments of every kind. Though a progressive society, the fast-paced living has brought increased stress, which is creating various unhealthy dependencies, leading to diseases. This lifestyle is causing many to function in a continuous hyperactive state, and the body is not designed to maintain this level of stress for extended periods of time. Intensified by lifestyles and aging, body systems are ultimately being damaged, resulting in disease and poor health.

People are searching for ways to manage the stress in their lives, but many options for stress relief and disease management have proven to be more detrimental than helpful. Self-destructive habits and the treatment of symptoms have failed and resulted in additional injuries to the body. Some management has become more harmful than the original problem, causing debilitation over time.

Looking deeper and addressing contemporary lifestyle syndromes, such as adrenal fatigue, hormonal imbalances and weight gain, it’s possible to get to the root of emotional issues and help treat opioid addiction and alcohol abuse. Through restorative services and supportive approaches, combined with medication-assisted addiction treatment, people can achieve healing while restoring wellness and longevity. Restorative healthcare services can include addressing such issues as women’s health, hormone replacement therapy and healthy aging support.

By furthering our understanding of the association between stress and addiction, and by addressing both equally, practitioners and families can work together to help those suffering from addictions lead fulfilling lives once again.

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