Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Intuitive Medium Leticia Pizano

Leticia Pizano is the founder of Divine Lotus Healing Hands, in Newalla, KosmicKidz, and the School of Primordial Knowledge. A highly trained and experienced intuitive medium, she has a passion for understanding and communicating with spirit. Pizano uses her gifts to help people of all ages through animal- and spirit-channeled readings, light language activations, shamanic healing sessions, workshops, classes and reiki energy work.

Born in Oklahoma City, Pizano’s abilities became evident early in life when she would tell her mother about hearing and seeing individuals that had passed away. Her mother was supportive of these gifts and helped Pizano pursue her intuitive insights to find out who these spirits were and what they wanted. Through experience, training and time, Pizano embraced her intuitive talents and serves her clients as a medium, teacher, healer and life coach. Known for her sincerity, humor and insights, Pizano lives in Newalla with her husband and nine of her 11 children.

For more information, call 405-412-8602 or email