Sunday, May 26, 2019

John Newton Presents His Ancestral Clearing Program to Oklahoma City

by Sheila Julson

John Newton’s message is simple: Resolve the past to end suffering for humanity and ourselves. Newton has studied and practiced healing techniques around the world for almost 30 years; however, his career path has been twofold. Newton has an illustrious professional acting career under his belt that spans two decades. His leading roles include several television series, such as Melrose Place, The Untouchables and The Adventures of Superboy, and even movies, such as Hallmark’s The Christmas Card and Alive for Paramount Pictures. Yet in his early 20s, Newton developed an unquenchable thirst to examine the human psyche and help end physical and mental suffering for himself and others. A profound wake-up experience during this time led him to an ultimate state of being and consciousness. He went on to develop Health Beyond Belief, a wellness program through which he facilitates his Ancestral Clearing programs that help people remove blocks, burdens and debris of the past and help support a journey of healing. Newton will offer his Ancestral Clearing work through live events in Oklahoma City, May 4 through 7.

Ancestral Clearing is about resolving the past at the deepest places inside of us. “There are fragmented versions of us in our psyche and in our nervous system actually pulling the strings that affect our perception, decisions, and ultimately our lives,” he explains. “So this is really about revealing that and cleaning things up so we can move forward with more possibility and free will.”

Newton says a look back at our ancestral lineage can show stress and trauma from war, the Holocaust, slavery, displacement and daily injustices. We can even absorb stress from our mothers while still in the womb. “This means that we start life off not with a clean slate but with software already in place,” he notes.

Through Newton’s live events, attendees experience the four pillars of Ancestral Clearing: our higher power, which he says is different for everyone; forgiveness; humility; and gratitude. “Live events offer a direct experience of releasing the old hurts in your life—the unresolved past, if you will. We also offer insights to inspire and help to rewire the brain, as it has often been hijacked by the chronic pain, disappointment, letdown and other forms of programming that we carry. So we’re helping people access more of ourselves.”

Attendees can raise their hands and request personal interaction. Newton also works with people silently to relieve personal burdens without having to share details in a group setting. He says the practice is more experiential, versus intellectual.

Newton emphasizes that Ancestral Clearing is complementary and should not be seen as an alternative form of healing. He’s facilitated Ancestral Clearing sessions at hospitals, including the renowned Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, in Beverly Hills, and at the Betty Ford Center in its Pain Management Program, where he says they had a good success rate working with the difficult population suffering from chronic pain and addiction. His clients include entertainment professionals, doctors, political figures, combat veterans and others.

“Whatever is occurring in our lives, it came from something. That could be pain, a tumor, an immune issue, stress, an addiction—really anything,” he says. “There are physics leading to that condition. When the physics behind it are affected, you are supported in your well-being. That’s really what we’ve seen with this kind of work.”

John Newton’s Ancestral Clearing events will be held May 4 at Unity Spiritual Life Center—located at 5603 NW 41st St., in Oklahoma City.

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Sheila Julson is a Milwaukee-based freelance writer and contributor to Natural Awakenings magazines throughout the country.