Sunday, May 26, 2019

Learning How to Practice Self-Love

Intellectually, we understand what self-love means, but often we forget what it means to actually practice it. Many of us grew up in families or cultures that taught us to love others before ourselves. This is a respectable desire, but loving others fully requires loving ourselves.

Transformational Life and Spiritual Coach Tammy Coin explains: “As we become adults, we take on roles and identities that often move us away from self. We become someone’s parent, someone’s spouse or someone’s employee and lose sight of ourselves. We may have survived traumatic or abusive backgrounds where we learned that everyone else was more important than us, seeing ourselves as not enough, not valuable or unworthy of love.”

Coin recommends taking slow action to reclaim a self-love practice. “Now that you are aware, begin to make small, conscious choices to be gentle with yourself,” she says. “Be gentle in how you speak, act and give to yourself. Practice the art of receiving from others and mindfully give to yourself the love that you so freely give to others.”

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