Wednesday, November 13, 2019

The Loaded Bowl Receives First Environmental Stewardship Award

This month’s Natural Awakening’s Environmental Stewardship Award goes to The Loaded Bowl, Oklahoma City’s first locally owned vegan restaurant and food truck. Determined from the start to create and maintain a socially and environmentally responsible business, the founders were up to the unique challenge faced by those in the food industry.

The owners scoured local and web-based suppliers to find affordable, compostable or recyclable products that are functional and work for the needs of The Loaded Bowl’s customers. One step the restaurant tried was to get rid of straws and cup lids to reduce the amount of waste produced. Feedback proved that this was not a decision that customers supported, and the company, an avid proponent of listening to their clients, decided to bring them back, acknowledging the need for baby steps in Oklahoma City.

When the brick and mortar location opened, the operations changed drastically and the company adjusted how they do business, aligning with Fertile Grounds for their recycling and compost needs, along with Goodwill for Styrofoam recycling. In addition, the company saves money by using LED lighting and sharing trash service with their neighbors. The Loaded Bowl continues to innovate and work toward increased sustainability for the business and the Oklahoma City community.


Location: 1211 SW 2nd St., OKC. For more information, call 405-820-9599 or visit