Mad Hippie Skin Care Focuses on Sun Damage

Mad Hippie advanced skin care features a safe, natural line of products to care for the skin. What sets this line apart from other skin care products is its focus on sun damage. The way individuals age is dependent on many factors, including genetics, diet, lifestyle and environmental stressors, but 90 percent of aging is the result of photo damage. Mad Hippie products are formulated specifically for healing and preventing sun damage using cutting-edge, bio-available vitamins, peptides and antioxidants.

In addition to taking ingredients seriously, Mad Hippie takes its corporate responsibility seriously. From recently switching to some of the only bisphenol A-free, fully recyclable airless pumps on the market to printing solely with soy inks and running its entire Portland facility off alternative energy, Mad Hippie is dedicated to the preservation of the environment. Furthermore, a portion of the sales go to wildlife conservation to preserve our beautiful planet and the creatures we share it with for generations to come.

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