Thursday, November 21, 2019

Medical Grade Thermal Healing at HapTics

HapTics Professional Massage Center, in Oklahoma City, is offering affordable medical-grade thermal screening (thermography) for the entire body. A free posture analysis is available for patients that schedule a body alignment therapy session this month.

Both inflammation and an increase in blood flow to cancerous cells or a tumor can produce a noticeable heat signature in the body. Thermography uses the body’s heat signature to conduct a real-time assessment of potential health issues. A full-body screen allows health professionals to pinpoint where inflammation is present, helping patients find relief from pain, tightness, discomfort, muscle misalignment, infection and more.

“At HapTics, there are no candles burning, music playing or oils used and you will not fall asleep,” says owner Alan Owens. “It’s all about movement and the results you will experience from well-trained hands and feet techniques to get your body back into alignment and out of pain. HapTics incorporates many different therapeutic devices to assist with moving muscles after your session. Young or old are welcome to learn why you hurt, see where you hurt, and stop the pain, tightness and discomfort in minutes.”

Location: 5119 N. Portland Ave., OKC. For more information or an appointment, call 405-757-7388 or visit