Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Melissa’s Gemstone Therapy, Melissa Lenington, M.A., CCP, OM

Stress Relief Therapy

Melissa’s Gemstone Therapy is offering a new service ‘Stress Relief’. Prolonged stress can cause mental and physical damage. Our bodies are built to undergo stress for short periods, but that’s not what most of us experience. Instead of processing and releasing stress and negative emotions, we hold onto tension and negative feelings and store them in the body and aura. We endure stressors such as injuries, relationship problems, personal loss and job difficulties. We also put pressure on ourselves related to performance and living up to others expectations.

These demanding situations and the feelings that accompany them, create physiological changes. Muscles contract and digestion slows under stress. After going through a stressful situation, the body will begin to repair the damage. If stress continues, the vital organs and bodily systems are affected. Long-term stress can lead to insomnia, depression, ulcers, digestive problems and ultimately disease. 

The body’s natural healing abilities begin working much faster when it is in a state of relaxation. Diamond and Gemstone Therapy is a great way for you to help your body relax and begin to heal. Melissa’s Gemstone Therapy is offering a great deal for you to try Stress Relief Therapy for 20 minutes for $20.00 on August 24th & August 31st from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Book your appointment now. Call Melissa Lenington, M.A., CCP, OM at 405-203-8214. Website:, Facebook: Melissa’s Gemstone Therapy