Sunday, May 26, 2019

Men: Don’t Ignore Your Bodies’ Top 10 Check Engine Lights

by Keith Bishop

Check engine — we are all familiar with that scary orange-yellow light on the dashboard of our cars and trucks. Thoughts race through the mind, such as: I don’t hear or feel anything different. How much will it cost? Or perhaps the most common — I don’t have time for this.

A diagnostic code reader indicates what may be happening in the vehicle, and then the owner makes a decision to take the vehicle in to an expert for further diagnostics and probable repair, or to ignore the warning, which most of us know, often leads to serious and more expensive problems.

Our bodies also have check engine lights that come on at times. While it’s not the orange-yellow light, the body often sends warning symptoms of possible serious issues. If you notice changes in your day-to-day lifestyle, don’t panic. Go to an expert for further diagnostics and possible repair. Ignoring the symptoms may be catastrophic.

The top 10 emergency check engine lights of the body include:

  • Chest or arm pain
  • Problems breathing
  • Dizziness
  • Frequent, difficult or painful urination
  • Dark urine
  • Muscle spasms or twitches
  • Changes on the skin (discoloration, persistent rashes or new growth)
  • Swelling in the feet or ankles
  • Unusual swelling (with or without pain)
  • Uncommon bowel movements (infrequent bowel movements; mucus; bloody, hard, loose, greasy, unusually bad smelling or floating stools)

This is not a comprehensive list. Should an individual have any issue that is not within what would be considered normal, seek professional assistance. We are blessed to have many natural healthcare providers in the Oklahoma City metro area that can help interpret the body’s check engine lights and help keep an issue from becoming a more serious and expensive problem.

Keith Bishop is the clinical nutritionist and health coach at Flourish Compounding Pharmacy & Nutrition Center at 14720 N. Pennsylvania Ave., in OKC. He has specialized in natural health care since 1998. For more information, call 405-751-3333 or visit