Friday, November 22, 2019

New Life Art & Wellness Center Provides Artistic and Holistic Health Services

To Wilhelmina McKittrick, founder of New Life Art & Wellness Center, creativity is an important part of a balanced, fulfilled and healthy lifestyle. With that mindset, she created a wellness center that offers not only a range of conventional and alternative modalities for mind-body-spirit health, but “amazing art and painting classes” as well. McKittrick explains, “If you’re stressed, or anxious, or missing something, but you don’t know what, you may need to revisit the natural flow in order to discover the depth of your true nature. Come explore your creative side with us. Learn to nurture it, and see how far you can broaden your horizons.”

Staff employed at New Life Art & Wellness include hypnotherapists, an ND (Doctor of Naturopathy), an Akashic records consultant, reiki master teachers and life coaches.

“Our team provides a warm, welcoming environment, where self-empowerment and self-awareness are important focal points,” McKittrick enthuses. “Our mission is to use our knowledge, dedication and genuine passion to help your life accelerate to the highest level that you are willing to embrace.”

She concludes, “We invite people to come and expand their perspectives and their understanding of self and life, in all their splendor. Everyone needs valuable downtime. When old boundaries are erased, the new version of self can emerge, allowing one to celebrate life fully.”

New Life Art & Wellness Center is available by appointment only unless as stated for events. It is located at 905A S. Bryant Ave., Edmond. For more information, call 405-470-9555, email, or visit