Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Nourished Food Bar Wins Environmental Stewardship Award

Natural Awakenings magazine’s October Environmental Stewardship Award goes to Nourished Food Bar, in downtown Oklahoma City. Offering nutrient-dense, plant-based food in a grab-and-go setting, Nourished Food Bar’s menu features delicious food that is free of the most common allergens.

Grab-and-go food requires disposable products, a tax on the environment, but Nourished Food Bar uses compostable and/or recyclable containers to lessen waste. In addition, the restaurant promotes environmental responsibility by encouraging customers to eat more vegetables, especially those grown with sustainable farming practices.

Nourished Food Bar composts their food waste through Fertile Ground and will be partnering with them on recycling as well. They share with their guests that the containers they are using are compostable and encourage them to compost them when possible. There is also education for those that aren’t as familiar with sustainable practices.

Location: 131 Dean A. McGee Ave., Ste. 115, OKC. For more information, call 405-740-7299 or visit