Thursday, December 5, 2019

On-the-Go Massage Service in Oklahoma City

TheBACKstop (TBS) Massage and Oxygen Bar, in Oklahoma City, offers massage services for people with busy lives and very little time to spare. Clients can customize their own clothed-massage packages for $1 per minute, allowing them to choose how long and how expensive their service will be.

“Most people think massage is about how long you go or how much pressure you get, but it’s really not about that,” explains Rhonda Satterlee, of TBS. “It’s about consistency. Doing massage consistently retrains your body and, more importantly, your lymphatic system to create flow and eliminate toxins naturally. You could literally get a 10-minute massage daily and feel as good, if not better, than getting a one-hour massage once a month. That is due to the promotion of lymph movement and keeping your system flowing freely.”

Location: 5623 N. Pennsylvania Ave. For more information, call 405-840-4782 or visit