Sunday, May 26, 2019

Organic and Locally Grown Food at The Real Café

The modern American lifestyle demands convenience, often sacrificing quality. The Real Café, in Edmond, offers organically grown food, working with local farmers at every opportunity to bring local ingredients from the Oklahoma soil to the plate of patrons. The food prepared in The Real Café’s kitchen is made from scratch daily and tastes great.

Founder and owner Michele Menzel, ND, envisioned a restaurant that Oklahomans could rely on to nourish the body, mind and spirit. Whole, nutrient-dense food is the fuel the body needs to thrive, and The Real Café serves healthy, traditional food that provides fuel for the body, mind and spirit. Favorites include grass-fed beef burgers on gluten-free millet buns, red-skin potato fries cooked in coconut oil, veggie stir fry, sprouted spelt wraps and salmon entrees.

Location: 2851 W. Edmond Rd., Edmond. For more information, visit