Sunday, June 16, 2019

The Path to Personal Resilience

When we are faced with negative events, we choose how we are going to perceive them. When we are mindful and intentional about our choices, we can build personal resilience. Carrying the burdens of old, unhealed wounds clouded by limiting perspective has the opposite effect, impairing resiliency.

Joanna Lambert, of Energetic Wellness, leads a Radical Forgiveness Course that walks individuals through a step-by-step group process to access past pain and apply a new healing perspective to old wounds. A recent participant chose to focus on a recurring theme in her life that plagued her for more than 25 years. By cultivating the courage to move into painful feelings she had previously chosen to avoid and sharing them in a safe, nonjudgmental environment, this person was able to feel the pain that she had long suppressed. By trusting the process, she uncovered the root of the original wound and released the emotional burden she had been carrying for years, dramatically increasing her personal resistance and strength.

“The path to resilience involves cultivating the courage to face life exactly as it is without needing to change it, fix it or make it better,” says Lambert, a licensed professional counselor. “It means remembering that whatever comes your way, you have the power to choose which perspective to adopt: one that binds and burdens or one that empowers and liberates.”

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