Positive Soul Seeds

Like seeds breaking and turning into plants, we encounter events in our lives that crack our shells and expose the inner core of our humanity. While these events can seem overwhelming, it is possible to see them as a growing experience if we adhere to the philosophy that there is always a positive side to any experience.

This positivity allows us to frame events in our lives so they point us to the future, requiring us to be the change we want to see in the world. Self-awareness is critical for this process. Real change occurs when we embrace ourselves in our present state, honoring every experience and celebrating the value that we add to the world around us. Daily practices that bring balance of mind, body and spirit can help keep us in the present moment.

One effective tool for achieving this state is using daily positive affirmations. A good place to start is with this affirmation: Today I look for the beautiful things in life, in people and the adventures that unfold.

Source: Life Enrichment Facilitator Connie Rozean. For more information, call 405-517-8058 or email Connie@RozeanInc.com.