Saturday, August 17, 2019

The Power of Group Intention

by Joious Melodi

Many people personally recognize that meditation, prayer and intention can and do affect the world. Below are some examples that share some remarkable insights to this theory:

During June 7 through July 30, 1993, a successful experiment by the Global Peace Project was performed in Washington, D.C. The goal was to demonstrate the effect of a large group of transcendental meditators during the eight-week period. The findings showed that the rate of violent crime decreased by 23 percent during this group meditation experiment. The odds of this result occurring by chance are less than two in 1 billion. The implications of this are exciting yet not surprising. Meditation does not just serve us; it serves our world, assisting in raising the overall frequency and consciousness level on the planet.

Another example is Lynne McTaggart, an award-winning journalist and author of The Intention Experiment. McTaggart founded The Intention of the Week project in 2007. It has several thousand of her international readers from nearly 100 countries participating in weekly individual experiments.

In the 29 experiments she’s run to date, 25 have evidenced measurable, significant changes. Her research began with Don Berry in 1981. He had been diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis, an inflammatory arthritis affecting the spine and large joints. Berry could not move from side to side and had limited movement in his rib cage area, therefore making it difficult to move his chest. He was in constant pain and endured many surgeries, including replacement of both hips.

Berry’s blog prompted members of McTaggart’s online community to send healing intention to Berry twice per week. Berry started keeping a diary of his condition. When he went for his semi-annual doctor’s appointment, the doctor told him to take a deep breath. The doctor, amazed, told Berry that his chest had just moved after years of having difficulty doing so.

Berry later wrote that he did not have a spontaneous healing, but the Intention Experiment set the wheels in motion for him to feel better. It also prompted him to recognize how his thought patterns affected his health and possibly the world around him.

McTaggart’s projects have shown that a group intention mindset is capable of changing the physical properties of leaves, helping plants grow, raising the pH balance of polluted water, lowering violence in a war-torn or crime-ridden area, and improving the health of patients with diagnosed conditions.

So, what are we creating in this world with our intentions? We each have an individual responsibility for what is being created. Imagine what could happen if daily all of us held the intention for peace and love for our world. Each of us really can make a difference.

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