Sunday, May 28, 2017

Letter From the Publisher

May 2017

“A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity. It dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path.” —Agatha Christie

May is the month in which we celebrate Mother’s Day, and it is always a time I find myself focusing on what an integral role these nurturing, and often selfless, beings play in shaping our lives, and just how much my own mom means to me. I admire her on so many different levels. She is an incredibly strong woman, who instilled that same strength in her three children, along with many other important core values.

As I reflect back on my childhood, I realize just how lucky I was, and how people often tend to take a mother’s love and kindness for granted. My mom created a rich family culture, which was so important to me that I made sure to incorporate it into my own life as an adult. For example, she made sure dinner was a family event—a time for us all to bond. Also, every Sunday, she would bake a different type of homemade cake, and we either went to my “oma’s” (grandmother’s) house or my grandparents joined us at ours. It became a much-embraced tradition.

She also sewed a lot of our clothes. Each time the start of the school year would roll around, it was time for fittings and picking out fabrics. To this day, she is the most creative person I know—from fashioning home crafts to cooking up a storm with her exquisite culinary skills, she is always engrossed in some activity. Her high energy was needed with us three kids, as I can assure you we kept her on her toes.

Now, my mother has become a grandmother, and—just as she was with me and my siblings when we were little—she is the most loving and gentle soul with her grandkids. It truly warms my heart to see her light up in her role as “oma,” and it fills my soul with joy to know she is helping to create such memorable experiences for these beautiful little souls.

My mother has truly become my best friend. I would never have imagined when I was 14 that those words would ever cross my lips (ha, ha). Seriously, she is such an inspiration to me each and every day, and I cherish our daily phone calls in which we share our day or just talk about life.

What my mother has taught me through her actions is that true love is unconditional, and it’s with that thought I wish to celebrate and honor all mothers that give so tirelessly and selflessly.

Peace and Love,

Jeannette Draper, Publisher