Friday, December 6, 2019

Letter From the Publisher

August 2019

Carla Lambe, Publisher

As summer winds down, we find ourselves looking for ways to savor the last days and weeks of the season. Some try to squeeze a lot in, filling their schedules with all the things you can only do in the hot and care-free days of summer; while others work to push things out and keep their schedule free and clear as much as possible. Which one are you?

The kids are heading back to school and it’s an ideal time for parents to hit the reset button, taking stock of myriad challenges today’s children face. Meredith Montgomery confronts these head-on in “21st Century Parenting: Preparing Kids for the Future.” She offers insights into raising kind, resilient and resourceful kids in a world vastly different from the one we grew up in.

Part of that equation is nourishing young bodies as well as minds and Food Sleuth Melinda Hemmelgarn tackles that component in “Feeding Healthy Habits: A 10-Step Guide.” Supporting school gardens, teaching kids cooking as a life skill and bonding with them in the process are steps on the road to opening their eyes to media manipulation and helping them overcome this “invisible parent” that tricks them into buying foods that are not good for their bodies or the Earth.

Adults and kids will find plenty of healthy activities and options in this month’s issue. Take a walk on the wild side with April Thompson’s “Wild and Wonderful: Foraging for Foodies” as your guide. Or take a cerebral spin with Marlaina Donato’s well-researched article about the positive impacts of bicycling on the brain: It can improve cognitive function, depression, chronic anxiety and other conditions boosted by happy neurotransmitters. Studies show benefits related to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other brain disorders, as well.

Our August spotlight shines on animals, too. Writer Julie Peterson presents a helpful overview of the natural approach used by holistic veterinarians.

Our local stories this month include a spotlight on Eden Pharmaceuticals highlighting the work they do to help their customers understand the benefits of medicinal marijuana while they strive to overcome the stereotype of the mythical pothead and hightimes shops of yesteryear. It’s a new world for using old cures that have been used safely and successfully for thousands of years.

We also have a local business spotlight on The Willow: An Organic Concepts Salon which opened earlier this year by its owner and main stylist, Jayde Sawyer. Jayde is passionate about her work and looks to make connections with her clients as people, not just the usual transactional encounters that often happen in the personal service business.

It’s a hot summer issue and we’re glad you found us!