Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Letter From the Publisher

February 2019

Carla Lambe, Publisher

The heart takes center stage this month—both as an organ and as a symbol of love. February is when we observe American Heart Month, dedicated to raising awareness about heart disease, as well as Valentine’s Day, a holiday that celebrates love. So, this is the perfect time to focus on how we can keep our heart healthy and happy.

This issue of Natural Awakenings covers both angles of heart health—how to have a disease-free ticker and how to experience more love. It also addresses a third aspect: how love can actually improve heart health.

Our feature article “Heart of a Woman: The Right Choices Keep It Strong” provides a comprehensive look at risk, prevention and food-not-meds therapies, as well as nurturing the emotional heart; our Conscious Eating section has a wide selection of heart-healthy recipes; and this month’s Healing Ways article is all about the health benefits of hugging and the physiology of touch.

The article that really ties the concepts of love, health—and the relationship between the two—together is our cover feature, “Rapha 180: Caring for Customers Like Family.” As stated in the article, helping others on their wellness journey fills Summer Garcia’s heart with joy. She, along with her husband, Juan Garcia, owns Rapha 180, a business that provides light therapy, as well as natural healthcare supplements, natural body products, Can-Tek Labs medicinal cannabidiol (CBD) THC-free oil, and more. She is all about making a positive difference in her customers’ lives, whether it’s through one of her services or products, or just simply through listening to them share their stories and making them feel comfortable.


Hope your February is full of fantastic, fabulous feelings,