Letter From the Publisher

October 2018

Carla Lambe, Publisher

One of the themes of this month’s edition is something I am a great believer in: chiropractic care. Amazing things can happen when you go to one of these healers. They are wonderful at addressing a multitude of issues, including getting rid of headaches, easing back pain, helping alleviate stress, increasing energy levels, improving sleep, and ameliorating health and immune system function. They are also great at giving nutritional advice. Oh, and did you know they treat children too—even babies!? Chiropractic care has helped me tremendously with my aches and pains, and has also helped my 2-year-old daughter with her gastrointestinal issues.

Be sure to check out the article in our Healing Ways section, “Multifaceted Chiropractic—Integrative Approaches Enhance Healing,” by Marlaina Donato. Beyond spinal adjustments, ultrasound and heat therapy, chiropractors are embracing functional medicine, nutrition, cryotherapy, physical therapy, sports medicine, yoga, neurology, pain relief, acupuncture and massage.

If you’re interested in experiencing the benefits of chiropractic care, I recommend Chiropractic Now, in Edmond, and OKC Wellness.

Hope you enjoy our chiropractic issue, and have an outstanding October!