Letter From the Publisher

April 2019

Carla Lambe, Publisher

It’s official: Spring—the season of rebirth, renewal and growth—is finally here! Plants are coming back to life, animals are emerging out of hibernation and new life is being born all around us in the natural world, but this glorious season is also fertile ground for expansive growth of our inner landscapes. And as this month’s inspiring Fit Body article, “Into the Woods,” so eloquently points out, we receive great mental, emotional and physical benefits by being in nature.


So, I hope you find the time to get out there and enjoy the show that Mother Nature puts on this time of year, and that all the beauty soothes your soul, relaxes your mind and helps you grow. I really find that spending time in the great outdoors is so life affirming and grounding. Whatever stress I may be dealing with, or just the craziness of the world in general, just seems to melt away and a wave of peacefulness washes over me. It really helps me find my way back to me and what is truly important.


Oh, and speaking of coming back to life, the gourmet chocolate and other infused cannabis edibles made by our cover feature Emerald Leaf’s award-winning chef, Daniel DeGiusti, will most certainly awaken your taste buds and provide health benefits at the same time!

I hope you enjoy this issue of Natural Awakenings OKC and that you have an absolutely amazing April!