Thursday, December 5, 2019

Quintessential BioSciences Offers Holistic Health Products

Quintessential BioSciences, also called Q Sciences, products are now available through area representative Allison Wanjon. With a full-spectrum hemp line, supplements, sublingual vitamin sprays, natural sleep products, skin care and weight-loss offerings, the company features a wide range of alternative remedies for common issues.

Q Sciences began when the founder purchased the rights to Q96, a brain and mental health product that works to balance the body’s neurochemicals. Formerly known as EmpowerPlus, the product has been studied in more than 34 clinical trials with positive results.

Q Sciences’ products are scientifically validated, and representatives can help clients improve their quality of life in several areas, including nutrition, brain and vascular health, energy, sleep, renewal, digestive health, and men’s and women’s health.

For more information, call 918-851-7828 or visit