Friday, November 22, 2019

Refreshed Vision Health Coaching Opens Online and In-Person

After Dixie Mehrens was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, food intolerances, and Crohn’s Disease, an inflammatory bowel and autoimmune disease, she regained her health through proper nutrition, a balanced lifestyle, and support from her Functional Medicine practitioner. She then added credentials to her life experience and started Refreshed Vision Health Coaching in Edmond, Oklahoma. Now as a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, she addresses everything from weight loss, exercise, stress management, and sleep habits to making lifestyle changes to manage autoimmune symptoms and chronic health conditions.

Often in conventional medicine, medications are prescribed manage the symptoms. Whereas in Functional Medicine, the root causes are considered. Often the root causes of disease and illness are food and lifestyle choices that are compounded over time. Dixie adds, “Changing your habits, especially after receiving a scary diagnosis, can be overwhelming. I help women do those things they really know they need to do, but aren’t always able to make happen consistently. Some just don’t to know where to start. I help them through this by listening to their struggle and then showing them how to navigate obstacles, overcome mental blocks, offer accountability, encouragement, and help them create a sustainable plan they can consistently carry out!”

“Health is about the long game. But, is the small choices we make each day that add up over time. I want to help women feel happier and more energetic, healthier, and make lifestyle changes that will really impact their lives for the better in the long run with the small choices they make today.”

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