Sunday, May 26, 2019

Renewed Skin for a New Year: The Revitalizing and Wellness Benefits of Kansa

by Kimberley Mertens

When life is in overdrive, or we get caught in the fight-or-flight mode, we may not realize that stress is also held deep within our facial tissues. It’s time to slow down; take a deep, cleansing breath; and rejoice in our natural beauty. Our skin needs to release and let go, too, and this is where the rejuvenating and soothing kansa wand comes in handy.

What is the kansa wand?

Kansa, a sacred metal alloy, is made from high-quality pure copper, tin and zinc. This ancient blend of metals is known in ayurveda, India’s traditional holistic healing system, as a healing metal. This special blend of metals has a powerful effect on the body’s subtle energies, as well as on the mind and spirit. It is believed to have extraordinary beauty and healing benefits.

Inhabitants of the Indus Valley, a place that many consider the cradle of all ayurvedic healing techniques, first made kansa tools in the Bronze Age, approximately 5,000 years ago. Tools like this have long been used in India to enhance health, increase energy, support general well-being, promote longevity and relieve stress.

The kansa wand is used on the face with simple, repetitive, long strokes and circles, pulling acidity from the tissues. Kansa wands can be used with organic jojoba oil, which is not really oil but a wax ester—the closest thing to the sebum in our skin and balances out the oil. Jojoba does not block pores, and is non-congestive and nonirritating to the skin. Before use of the kansa wand, the face should be cleansed well. Several pumps of organic face oil, like jojoba, are then applied to the face for use with the wand.

Benefits of the kansa wand

This fascinating tool, which has been used for thousands of years, was carefully designed to help benefit us in so many ways:

  • It revitalizes tired faces, stressed shoulders and aching necks.
  • It restores a youthful quality to the complexion.
  • It provides a gentle lift and brings life back to the face.
  • It feels gentle and soothing and stimulates the subtle energy grids, known in the ayurvedic and Chinese traditions.
  • It eases pain, tension, congestion and inflammation.
  • It balances body, mind and spirit.
  • It detoxifies the skin tissues.
  • It provides a relaxing experience that relieves stress.

Aesthetician clients report amazing results with regard to appearance of facial skin. Kansa is truly a treasure in this busy world.

Kimberley Mertens is a licensed, certified aesthetician located at Nantucket Landing, 3140 W. Britton Rd., Ste. D, Oklahoma City. She has studied kansa extensively, and the kansa wand is one of many tools Mertens employs with her clients. For more information, call 405-517-0967 or visit