Thursday, December 5, 2019

Research Supporting the Effectiveness of Resistance Flexibility

Nick Ware, director of research at The Genius of Flexibility, presented findings at the 2012 International Fascia Research Congress, in Vancouver, Canada, that demonstrated the ability of Resistance Flexibility training to increase flexibility and range of motion 10 times faster than any modality previously evaluated in the scientific and medical literature. This study, titled “Does Resistance Flexibility Result in Rapid Hamstring Length Increases and Accelerated Range of Motion Increases Because of Fascial Changes?” is the first in a series of trials in progress at The Genius of Flexibility Center, in Boston, Massachusetts.

Other current clinical studies at The Genius of Flexibility are designed to quantify the ability of Resistance Flexibility to dramatically increase muscle strength and flexibility in athletes; eliminate low back pain (LBP) in a group of participants that have unsuccessfully attempted LBP relief using a variety of standard methods (physical therapy, surgery, prescription medication, yoga and/or standard stretching); reduce injury in athletes of all ages; accelerate the rate of DNA telomere lengthening (a measure of “youthification”); and cause significant fascial and scar tissue changes at sites of injury (as measured by advanced ultrasound). Additionally, in cooperation with Dr. Jean-Claude Guimberteau, for the first time in history, endoscopic filming of the effects of Resistance Flexibility on fascia entrapment is being performed.

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