Thursday, November 21, 2019

Resistance Flexibility and Strength Training in Edmond

The BodyTalk Center of Oklahoma is teaming up with 3rd Street Yoga to bring Resistance Flexibility and Strength Training (RFST) to Edmond. Several four-hour workshops will be offered by RFST Certified Elite Trainers Joy Lyons, of, and Patrick Gregston, of the RFST flagship location, in Santa Barbara, at 3rd Street Yoga, in Edmond. Lyons will conduct the workshop and Gregston will offer private stretching sessions. Kathryn Springman, of BodyTalk Center of Oklahoma, will also be on hand to lead two 90-minute energy flow series.

After being struck as a pedestrian by a car traveling 70 miles per hour, Bob Cooley, the founder of the Genius of Flexibility system, began a quest to heal himself. Through years of research into many modalities, including physical therapy, traditional Chinese medicine and personality theory, he created RFST.

After publishing a news brief in the June issue of Natural Awakenings, the reception of RFST in the community was very positive. “We sold out in a matter of hours and asked Patrick to extend his stay,” explains Springman. “Even then, all the slots were scooped up right away. There are still spots left in the four-hour workshops and 90-minute energy flow series, which give the student a great base of understanding into this modality. If you know how to stretch, private sessions are much more effective.”

Location: 106 W. 3rd St. For more information, call 405-330-2211 or visit